Monday, December 18, 2017

Making the page glow

About 12" diameter.  
I have been trying out ways to support the visual image in the passage from Song of Songs VI: 8 - 10, which compares the beloved to the sun and moon.  To sum up various translations, she is said to be "luminous as the moon" and "brilliant as the sun."  Both of them glow; after I tried to get the glow of both moonlight and sunlight onto the same page, I began to see that they would cancel each other out.  So I settled on moonlight, with its spectrum of cool, greenish, bluish, lavender glow, to frame the main sentence.  I kept adding more  white to make the colors harmonize and not overwhelm the foreground.  


I used a 17th century calligraphic zigzag to give the colors subtle sparkle., and to maintain the language of the pen.  I'm not sure how far I'm going to let them radiate out from the center.  

There will be more lines of text to add once this layer dries.  

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