Thursday, January 18, 2018

Colors that I like to come back to

Shortly after I started copying the Song of Songs, Which is Solomon's, I designed a title page that used seven strong, basic colors, which I have gone on to use over and over in the 50-some designs for the group.  I was especially partial to orange, indigo blue, and gray. 

But along the way I have found some new favorite colors that surprised me.  (If you've just sworn off browsing in art supply stores or sites because you already have too many pencils or inks, you might want to skip this post. I have too many pencils and pens and inks but I still just can't resist one more.)  
By exploring the Prismacolor display, I've found four colors new to me and learned to mix them with ink. 

  • First is the palest "Grey Green Light" color that I've already worked into the background of three pieces to add soft, subtle texture.   
  • The second is "Black Grape" that gives purple truly serious weight.  It was the perfect foil for the cream and sepia band of color in "Majestic as the..." Now I use it often.  
  • The third is "Metallic Green," a verdigris that seems to solve every color problem I encounter.  It's almost worn down, to a 3" stub.  Too bad for me, it seems to have been discontinued.  I'd give a big reward for anyone who finds one more.  
  • Orange comes in a lot of variations, such as the "Vermilion" here.  I like it because it punches through soft gray colors.  

Here are three of the designs 
I've used these colors in.  Let me know your own favorite colors.    


  1. I have some old Prismacolors, but not that Metallic Green! I did some Google searches and not much comes up except an old eBay link. Do you know the number, or did you use that part? :) I am always watching for things like this, so I will let you know if I find any of the green. It looks lovely, as does all of your work! What would we do without color? Have a good week!