Saturday, January 13, 2018

Kinds of light from the sky

SONG of SONGS: Timeless love poetry in contemporary calligraphy. 

Letters, letter strokes, and lines of letters can portray many natural forms.  Here, suggested by the central metaphor, they portray what we see in the sky.  
(Scanned at home, not corrected yet for tone)

  •    A round area of aqua letters makes the disc of the moon.
  •     A descending column of gray letters falls right through the blue letters, suggesting a broad beam of light.
  •    A diagonal sliver of gold falls at a different angle within that beam.
  •    Simple lines of lettering with the verse's citation make thin rays of light.  
  •     The words spoken by the other young women form two other rays of light, set off to the left like a chorus or echo just outside the central spotlight.
  •    Traditional repeating pen strokes radiate out from the glowing moon, and evoke its pale greenish-bue light.  

We are so grateful to live in an era when astronomers' photos fill our eyes with gorgeous images of the heavens nearby and of deep space.     


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